Arge Danzig, Rundschreiben - 4. Quartal 1974

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Photo taken at the course for Post Inspectors in Warszawa in 1930. Sitting in the middle the Minister of Post and Telegraph Ignacy Boerner and sitting second from the right (with beard and moustage) Jozef Woltynski from the Gdansk Post Management.


History Port Gdansk Post office.
Letter of 15/XI/1928. Official instruction for Post Inspector Jozef Zakrzewski, dated 16 November 1928 and signed by councilor Tadeusz Dziekan, saying that he should make an inspection in Post Office Gdansk 1.


Gdansk - 10 Gr.
Diesen Marke ist eine nicht amtliche Werbemarke des polnischen Schulvereins.
Sie wurde aber am Postschalter verkauft.

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